Awesome app for road trip lovers

by | Jan 30, 2020

Do you enjoy travelling and adventures? Sleeping in your car or caravan? We’ve got a great tip for you for this amazing app you shouldn’t miss!

Sleeping in campsites is safe, you get access to unlimited water supplies, electricity and washing machine. But if you are one of those people who wouldn’t want to spend all of their holidays in one campsite but rather enjoy few adventures, then we have got a smart and safe solution for you how to do it – a simple app for your smartphone.

This app called Park4Night is gold, as it has many options for places to park, whether it’s close to nature or options to park your caravan in someone’s backyard. The map is built and self manage by a community so you can see photos and reviews of real places to park up at night.

It includes paid and free spots for parking, places to fill up on water, resting places or other interesting areas. The app includes even a direct translation via Google Translate, as the feedback is done by many nationalities, including English, French, German or Russian.

The places you visit can be bookmarked and saved as well as reviewed for other users. Or if you find a new place that is great to rest at night with the caravan then you can save and share with others too.

Will you give it a go? Hire a caravan and get going to some special places only available on four wheels.