Must see in Denmark

by | Jun 2, 2021

The current situation caused by the spread of Covid-19 has taught the whole world greater responsibility and compassion for themselves as well as society. The Danish population has been rich in these characteristics for decades, regardless of the pandemic. It is a country with an incredibly high level of education, health care, equality between the population and overall, a very high standard of living. Denmark is also the country with the lowest level of corruption in the world.

Thanks to these aspects, the locals are considered to be one of the happiest people in the world, according to many researchers.

Denmark combines the aspects of modern architecture with natural beauty amazingly well, which is why we chose it as another destination for our Nordic caravan journey this year.

We start the trip off with the Mols Bjerge National Park, which covers an area of 180 m2 extraordinary landscape in the hills of Mols. Here you will find many hiking and biking trails, beautiful views of nature and medieval castles and chateaux.

The most famous tourist attraction of the region is the incredible well-preserved ruins of Kalø Castle from 1313, which the king had built to keep his domestic enemies under control as they were plotting uprisings and rebellions against him.

Another popular place is Jernhatten, or Iron Hat, a protected hill from which there is a view of the coast and inland to the mountains of Mols. An old story has it that the name of the area originated from a conflict of two trolls.

If we move to the second largest island in Denmark, Fyn (pronounced Foon ), where instead of more than 120 castles and chateaux, we will find the home of the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen and the origins of his inspirations. His house is now a museum and can be found in the city of Odense (which according to the legend was the home of God Odin, a brief reference to Norse mythology).

A rarity on this island is the magnificent renaissance castle Egeskov from the 16th century, which was built in the middle of the lake. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens of fuchsias, herbs and vegetables and we get excited about this one as it resembles the Czech chateaux Červená Lhota. ????

Among the treasures of Denmark, we want to mention the unique sandy desert Råbjerg Mile, which moves its territory by 18 meters each year due to strong winds. Although it is rarely visited by tourists it offers many interesting phenomena. One of them is the church of St. Lawrence of Rome, which was once completely buried in the sand. Now it is only partially hidden and it is possible to see the tower that rises above the sand dune.

If we are looking for a different type of entertainment than hiking, we can visit the amusement park Fårup Sommerland, which is home to the largest water park in all of Denmark. Nearby can be found the beautiful mill Lyngmøllen, completely covered with thick heather. It is the perfect stop for taking photos from your holiday and at the same time you can enjoy walks in the surrounding pastures.

If you prefer a natural swimming pool, visit the award-winning Marielyst Beach and relax in the fine sands after a day of hiking.

As a nice finish, we kept one of the most remarkable monuments in Denmark until the end – the steep chalk cliffs of Møns Klint. Of considerable size and even more massive in the past, they were here 70 million years ago. You can admire the cliffs from Forchhammer’s Pynt viewpoint, where you will get a view of all the cliffs and the trip to the lookout tower is an adventure in itself.

Here, the GeoCenter Møns Klint offers guided cruises around steep cliffs, giving you an excellent opportunity to experience this unique monument from another angle.

Also, the nearby camp Møns Klint is one of the most beautiful in Denmark and, among other things, offers the opportunity for horseback riding, kayaking and paragliding.

We sincerely believe that our tips have lured you in and you are already planning a trip to Denmark with us. ????