Karavany Česko – a caravan rental business has prepared something new this year (yet again) for its customers – their very own campsite in the heart of Prague. This synergy will allow us to increase comfort for our customers. Who else can offer for you to rent a caravan and to stay at their own campsite?

A caravan can be delivered to you at the campsite, where you can choose to spend a few days and explore the beauties of this historic city, before you head off on your travels. Or you can plan this the other way around and end your European road trip in the safe place of the company who lent you the caravan.

The camp is located on Císařská louka, one of the Prague islands, which is located as little as 1 km from Prague’s City centre. During its 18 years of existence, Praguecamp has ensured the comfort of thousands of satisfied guests and travellers, aiming to discover the beauty of the heart of Europe. In 2020, this campsite got new owners (us!) and underwent a complete refurbishment, which increased the comfort for our guests and significantly expanded the range of services we provide. Interested to see what gem has the campsite become right in Prague’s City centre?

There is a group of keen travellers behind the Praguecamp campsite, who successfully run Anywhere Campers and Karavany Česko. We have full experience with campsites in Czech Republic and Europe and we felt that there is a demand for a high-quality campsite in Prague. New showers and facilities, campsite security, bistro, free Wifi and electrical supply for each space… Are only a few of the comforts that Praguecamp offers.

Public transport will get you to the city centre in just 15 minutes, allowing our visitors to enjoy the city to the fullest. We will be more than happy to help recommend favourite places and historic sites to those who don’t know Prague too well yet. Other than the usual favourites, including Vyšehrad Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square or Prague Castle, we can also recommend the roads less travelled but equally interesting.

With a capacity up to 70 places for caravans and motor homes, we have plenty of space available for an evening chill out with a breath-taking view of Prague. Our local bistro serves beer, drinks and refreshments. Other than car parking spaces, we also have a field for camping available for those adventurous travellers and preparing room accommodation for any backpackers.

If you don’t have your own caravan and would like to start (or finish) your trip in Prague, we will be more than happy to arrange the rental of one of our favourites, Adria, and get it set up for you at the campsite.

Whether you are traveling by caravan, motorhome, trailer or just with a tent or backpack, you are in the right place. Do not hesitate and book a date for your Prague visit on