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Spring has a special color. It is, without a doubt, the light at the end of the dark and cold months that winter leaves us. Daylight hours begin to beat the game at night and cities and rural areas are filled with light and color. It’s also a wonderful season for organizing a road trip in a motorhome or a campervan.
The campsites reopen, the temperatures are mild and pleasant, and the cities are not very crowded. It is the time to enjoy the intense green of the mountains and the tranquility of the beaches, when they have not yet been filled with summer tourists.

Also, the prices for renting a motorhome or a campervan are cheaper than in summer. Some of the best cities (and countries) to visit in spring are Rome (Italy), Vienna (Austria), Prague (Czech Republic) Paris (France), or Keukenhof (Netherlands).

Rome gets full of flowers and joy of its people in the terraces of Trastevere. The Italian capital is an ideal destination to get away and enjoy its cuisine, its heritage and its history, getting lost in the Colosseum, visiting the Pantheon or admiring the Trevi Fountain.

We cannot forget another of the jewels of the continent, Paris. The French capital is a perfect destination during the whole year but will make you fall in love with spring. In addition, France is one of the countries that has more motorhome culture in Europe.
There, you can visit its main points of interest as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame or Arc de Triomphe and enjoy the exteriors of the city without the cold and humidity of winter. This will allow you to enjoy its parks and gardens such as Les Tuileries, Luxembourg Jardins, Jardin des Plantes, make the typical implement on the banks of the Seine or simply get lost in its streets and visit its street markets.

On the other hand, the Austrian capital – Vienna is synonymous with gardens and parks, and for sure Sissi The Empress, would think the same, that at this time of year, they look like never before. The true heart of the city is its cathedral “Stephansdom”, St. Stephen; which is not far from famous cafes Café Sperl and Café Central, where you can try one of its best and most famous sweets: the Sacher Torte.

Spring is undoubtedly the best time to enjoy a road trip in Czech Republic and of course to visit the capital, Prague; and to be more specific, May would be the best month, since March and April can still be somewhat cold or with some rain. Prices during this time will be more reasonable and visiting the Old Town Square, Prague Castle, walking through Naplavka or walking through one of its beautiful parks will be very pleasant and a unique experience.

And finally, but not least, Keukenhof, in Holland, is mandatory to visit during the spring, and the reason being is that there is the largest tulip field in the world. Keukenhof is not far from Amsterdam, so it will become another perfect option to visit the Dutch capital; where you will walk through one of the thousands of canals in the city, the Van Gogh Museum, the Flower Market or Dam Square.


When talking about traveling in summer, everyone is overwhelmed thinking about the heap of agglomerations and the horrific heat, and it is true, but there are a lot of perfect destinations where travel by motorhome and live on the streets, beaches or campsite during the summer season is the best idea ever.
The following destinations enjoy mild temperatures throughout the summer and they do not usually receive so much tourism at this time of year. Some of the recommendations are French Brittany, Normandy, the Basque Country, and the Nordic countries: Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

In any case, summer is synonym for longer and sunny days, so it is desirable to spend a few days away from home to disconnect from the routine. If you decide to visit the French Brittany you will travel across time and space until Medieval Age; for example, in Nantes, or Vitré, considered for some the most beautiful place in France, or Joselin, Dinan, Combourg, medieval villages with a lot of history.
Even in France but in its northernmost region, we can talk about Normandy, where you cannot miss Mount Saint Michel, the Landing Beaches, Honfleur, a curious town in which its decoration is most charming, and of course, the cliffs of Etretat, where you can breathe the fresh sea breeze to end up taking a dip in the beach.

We continue talking about the north, but this time about Spain and that is Basque Country, or Euskadi as it is known in its language, Euskera. This is one of the best destinations in summer since temperatures are usually mild but high enough to enjoy its beaches; If you are surf lovers, you cannot miss this wonderful region and try its waves in Zarautz, Mutriku or Mundaka.
If you are more into gastonomy, then you have to delight yourself with some pintxos in San Sebastián. Without leaving, obviously, visiting the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao or without trying a good cod pil pil accompanied by a good txakolí. If you are Game of Thrones fans, then you must visit San Juan de Gaztelugatxe.

Also, a motorhome route in any of the Nordic countries is a good idea since they are well prepared for this type of traveller. In Finland, during summer, you cannot miss Porvoo, the second oldest city in the country, Helsinki, of course, for its environment and its green parks, Savonlinna, a city between lakes, islands and forests. As for Denmark, it is impossible not to add the charming villages of Ribe, Stege, Romo, Koge or the Fjord known as Roskilde.
In Sweden, one of the most magical places in the country is the one known as Swedish Lapland, there you can experience the midnight sun and visit the gateway to this wonderful place: in Skellefteå. There it is very common to spend the day on the street practicing yoga, rafting, eating or going to a concert.

Finally, in Norway, you can plan your motorhome route visiting the Norwegian fjords, do a trekking and be constantly in relation with nature. It is advisable to make the route that goes from Stavanger to Bergen.


A lot of people don’t like autumn, and it’s just because is the season following summer and a lot of us feel depressed. But instead of seeing it this way, it is more interesting to see it as an opportunity to travel: once summer is over, people don’t travel so much and also many of them wait till Christmas Holidays to organize a trip. There, it comes a great moment for avoiding crowds and having pleasant temperatures, especially in southern Europe.

One of the best cities to visit in autumn is, without a doubt, Barcelona. At this time of a year, there is much less influx of tourists and the weather is pleasant, the humid and sultry heat of summer is behind, and it makes walking through Las Ramblas, getting a tapa in Boqueria Market or stroll through Barceloneta much more pleasant. In addition, you will also save a lot of queues and crowds to enter Park Güell or the Sagrada Família. If you have enough time, you cannot miss visiting Girona or Sitges as well.

Another of the destinations that are great in autumn is Nice, in the South of France. Simply getting lost in the streets of the Old City will already be a delight because the good vibes of this city will make you fall in love at first sight, there you can also have a very nice walk in the Promenade das Anglais and visit the Cathedral of San Nicolás, or the Flower Market.

Having mentioned these two cities, it is impossible not to talk about Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. In October the sun still shines, temperatures can continue up to 25º and prices decrease; restaurants and bars offer discounts and after a few hours on the road driving the motorhome, surely your stomach will appreciate a good cod. From there, you can visit Sintra Castle, eat a seafood platter in Cascais or go wine tasting in the vineyard.

Where France, Spain and Portugal fit, Italy also fits. We cannot ignore this wonderful country; and it is clear that Rome is one of the best destinations not only in Italy but in the world; but sometimes you have to be a little more open and know the regions that are usually more outside the main guides, such as Piamonte. The fact that it is not as popular as Tuscany will make your motorhome trip unforgettable. In Piamonte you will visit its capital, Torino; or Orta San Giulio, a charming little town; Cannobio, a coastal town where you can taste seafood accompanied by a good wine. Other beautiful towns in this region are: Barolo, Ivrea or Saluzzo.


Winter is a very interesting season. There are people who love to run from the cold and travel to tropic destinations and others who love to plan a road trip in some snow paradise such as The Alps, The Dolomites or the South Tirol, in Kitzbuhel. It is also possible to start a road trip in a city and later on travel until you reach the mountains.

One of the best examples are Austria and Switzerland. If you have enough time, why don’t you try to start your Christmas route in Vienna, and have the final destination in The Alps going through Salzburg, the magical Hallstatt and the amazing town of Kitzbuhel in South Tirol.

Then, if you can cross to Switzerland and visit Zurich and Lucerne, perfect places to soak in Christmas atmosphere, and finally, enjoy the ski, the snow and the mountain landscape. It sounds like a cool way to finish a year and start the new one. If you are not snow lovers, then no worries, you can also visit Christmas markets, and if you prefer to avoid crowds, then the best idea is to visit the ones in Cologne or Nurenberg in Germany, both are beautiful cities, where the Christmas spirit is very palpable and aren’t usual travel destinations so you will be able to meet interesting local people and live the holidays as they do.

On your way, don’t forget to eat some curry sausage, a pork knuckle or drink a good beer (of course, if you do not have to drive afterwards!). Whichever destination you decide to include in your winter or Christmas trip, will be magic!

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